Uniform DRS likely from October

Mon, Feb 6, '17



A uniform Decision Review System (DRS) is likely to be used across all three formats from October 2017. The DRS will also be utilised for the first time in an ICC T20 tournament in 2018, with one review per team in the Women's World T20 in the West Indies. These proposals were discussed and approved by the ICC's Chief Executives' Committee at a two-day meeting in Dubai last week, where it was also proposed that the ICC contribute towards the costs of using DRS to reduce the financial burden on member boards in a bilateral series and enable consistent use of the system.

A more detailed plan will be tabled for approval at the ICC's Cricket Committee meeting in May followed by a final ratification at the annual conference in June in London.

The proposal also specifies that accredited technology service providers that form part of the DRS will need a stamp of approval from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) before use in matches. In the last year all the major technologies used in DRS - HawkEye, HotSpot, Ultra Edge, Real-time Snicko - have undergone performance testing by an apparatus developed by the engineers from the field intelligence unit at MIT in collaboration with the ICC. The apparatus specifically assessed the performance of technologies used in the DRS: ball-tracking and the two types of edge detection - based on noise and on heat. Virtual Eye is the only other technology provider yet to be tested, but will do so in March.

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