No Super50 improvement - Sir Andy Roberts

Mon, Feb 27, '17



Former West Indies fast bowler Sir Andy Roberts disagrees with the widespread conclusion that there was an improved level of play during the just ended West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) Regional Super50, in comparison to previous tournaments.

On the contrary, the Antiguan believes that in some instances, the level of play has even declined with batsmen getting out in similar fashion to previous dismissals throughout the tournament.

“Our players do not work hard enough at harnessing their talent, and until they do they will never improve. All of us have faults and we all have strong points and weak points, and your strong points you would continue to have because it comes natural to you, but your weak points are the ones you have to try and eliminate,” he said.

“[As a batsman] you may not be able to score much runs, but you should not get out in the same area, innings after innings and that is what is happening,” he added.