The Super50 Was Almost Super

Mon, Mar 6, '17



The Super50 cricket season ended in Antigua a few Saturdays ago, and looking at the ESPN coverage, it was a season to cherish and one which seems to augur well for the future of West Indies cricket.

It was a season which all West Indians, especially those who love cricket, were sorry to see come to an end and could not wait for the start of the next one.

It was also a season in which the West Indies young cricketers, and especially so, their batsmen, demonstrated their pedigree and showed that with a little help, they were ready, or determined, to the make the fight back to the top.

And the fans were happy, most of them, because Barbados, who played the best cricket throughout the competition and in the final, were the winners, because the tournament of 43 matches was long, but not too long, up from 15 matches in 2014 and 23 in 2016, and also because the cricket and the players on show were quite good and exciting.

For years, we have been talking about the little cricket played, the need for more cricket, and the poor quality of play all round, and although this season was marked by the presence of the West Indies Under-19s, the ICC Americans, Kent, and the continued presence of the Combined Colleges and Campuses (CCC), this season saw an improvement in all three areas.

The more cricket that is played, the better the cricket will be, and the better it must be.