Examining George ‘Atlas’ Headley’s cricket life

Sun, Apr 16, '17



The legendary Jamaica cricket ground, Sabina Park, will host its 50th Test match when the West Indies meet Pakistan from April 21 to 25.
In recognition of the tremendous impact that the greatest Jamaican batsman of all time, George Headley, has had on the game, today we carry an article by former Jamaica cricketer Paul Buchanan, taken from his recent book ‘Jones Town Trench Town The Journey Back’, in which the author traces the historical performance by the Panama-born Headley and the overall contribution that he made to the game.
Mitigating hope for the black man in a colonial and racist time was provided by the exploits of the great West Indian cricketer, the double immortal, George Alphonso Headley, who answered Marcus Garvey’s call to greatness.
He gave meaning and inspiration to the despondent masses with his grand performances, dominating the white man’s game in the white man’s world. Consistent with Garvey’s determinism, he showed with magnificence that the black man was equal to, and could surpass anyone in their chosen field of human endeavour.