Getting Ready For A Battle

Sun, Jul 2, '17



The world has changed since I was boy, and the question is, Has it changed for the better?

When I was a boy, if you loved sport, you played sport at elementary school; at high school, if you were one of the lucky ones to get into a high school; at youth clubs; and at clubs, before you even thought of playing for Jamaica.

It was a natural progression of practising, training, and playing, and if you were good enough, you then represented Jamaica.

International sport was reserved for the best, and it was the stage on which the best - the very best - competed for international glory.

In those days, Jamaica's best were in sports like cricket and track and field, and those were the sports in which Jamaica participated internationally and did well. Whenever the Jamaicans arrived, they were ready to make noise.

Over the years, however, as Jamaica got better in every way, as more opportunities in the form of more sports came our way, and as our appetite got healthier and healthier, Jamaica is not only almost everywhere internationally, but Jamaica wants to be everywhere, internationally.

Nothing is wrong with that, not if we are good enough in each of them; if we are prepared to be good enough in all of them; and if we have the money to support all of them by providing for all their needs from the beginning to the end.

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