CWI partly at fault for state of windies cricket: Cameron

Sat, Sep 30, '17



The hierarchy of the Cricket West Indies board is in town this weekend for a directors meeting, and just hours after its president Dave Cameron touched down in T&T, Guardian Media Sports sat down for a wide-ranging interview.

Just over a week ago, it was confirmed the West Indies men’s senior team will have to play World Cup qualifiers next year in order to make the 2019 tournament. Like every other fan in the region, Cameron admitted the board had prepared itself for this moment. But the occasion did present a chance for this interview to touch on several different topics, that all led back to the state of the game in the region.

For a president that has been at loggerheads with the players for much of his term, Cameron pointed to significant flaws at the administrative level in the West Indies that is partly at fault for the downward spiral in our cricket. He said, “While we have been able to put money into the pockets of the players, what we haven’t done, we haven’t transformed our administrators around what is required to administer a professional system, and that is where we are failing. We keep ‘blaming’ the players for some of the shortcomings but it is as a result of the shortcomings of our administration.”