Cricket West Indies urges caution against 'doomsday' T20 scenario

Tue, Mar 6, '18



Cricket's doomsday scenario, where domestic T20 leagues wipe out international matches, has become the subject of a discussion paper prepared by Cricket West Indies (CWI), ostensibly on the evolution of Twenty20 and how international cricket and boards risk being run over if checks are not put in place.

In the paper, seen by ESPNcricinfo, CWI highlights an "urgent" need for boards to review no-objection certificates (NOCs) given to players, allowing them to play in overseas T20 leagues. Without such a measure, CWI argues, international cricket will be in "jeopardy" because boards will not have the financial muscle to sustain, protect and develop the game.

CWI created the paper on its own initiative and hoped it would be discussed by the ICC Board in February. However, the ICC board felt that the better forum to present the paper to would be the chief executives' committee, which will meet late April in Kolkata at the ICC's next round of quarterly meetings.

It is understood that CWI had initial discussions with CA, ECB and the Federation of International Cricketers Association (FICA), and plans to consult other boards and ICC management ahead of the April meeting.