Remembering Malcolm Marshall: The Speed Machine

Thu, Jun 7, '18




Remembering Malcolm Marshall: The Speed Machine

West Indies in 1970s/80s had an abundance of fast bowlers who could maul any batting attack with their swing, speed and bounce. All four - Andy Roberts, Holding, Garner and Marshall were savage and revered at the same tim e.Marshall was a slight departure among the quadruple. He was 1.8 meters tall and lanky in appearance, but that did not stop him from becoming the most lethal bowler from West Indies.

Malcolm Marshall bowled with an angular run-up instead of a straight run-up. Bob Willis had the same kind of run-up, but he was not as fast as Marshall. Marshall ran like a cheetah, sprinting and skidding as he got close to the bowling crease, and delivered the ball with quick round-arm action.

His in-cutters were at par with the ones bowled by Imran Khan. He would land the ball outside the off-stump and could cut it so sharply that batsmen would struggle for room and would either get bowled or be given LBW. During the 1980s, Marshall reigned supreme. A superb athlete, his combination of searing pace, dripping accuracy and the ability to swing the ball both ways made for a lethal combination.