West Indies lead calls to protect small Test nations - and save future of game

Wed, Jun 27, '18



A new report by the West Indies advocates money from the International Cricket Council being allocated more equitably between countries, broadcasting rights being pooled, away teams receiving a share of home broadcasting rights for series and major global events being shared between more countries.

The proposals are formally on the agenda at the ICC Annual Conference in Dublin, which begins on Thursday. "There has never been more money in the sport," West Indies chief executive Johnny Grave told The Daily Telegraph.

"The game must adopt more equitable revenue sharing to ensure that cricket is sustainable in all countries, that the game grows throughout the world and that there is a competitive balance among teams to generate interest among fans.”

The report also claims that the structure of international cricket is "loaded in favour of wealthier nations". It warns that if steps are not taken to help the sport in other countries, nations from beyond Australia, England and India - the ‘Big Three’ - will become weaker, matches will lose competitive balance and the appeal of international cricket will dwindle.

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