Law Was A Failure!

Mon, Oct 1, '18



 "Cricket West Indies should ponder the wisdom of wasting money in the hiring of these highly paid foreign coaches, without getting the commensurate returns." Andy Roberts

The narrative dominating the analysis of the performance of recently resigned head coach of the West Indies cricket team, Stuart Law, as it relates to improving the fortunes of the Test team, has been instructive, to say the least, in helping us to better understand the extent of the quagmire we find ourselves in.

Why is there even a debate whether a Windies cricket coach is a success when his record of guiding the team in 15 Test matches shows him winning six, losing seven, and drawing two, with an ordinary 40 per cent win ratio, and a 46 per cent loss ratio? The Windies are also still ranked an embarrassing number eight of 10 Test-playing nations, only above Bangladesh and Zimbabwe. Yet, Law's name is being mentioned in the same sentence as success, showing the desperate depths to which our standards have fallen.

Considering that the results and rankings of the Windies have plummeted in the other two versions of the game to all-time lows, all things considered, Stuart Law should be unceremoniously chased out of town as an abysmal failure, instead of being softly celebrated as some kind of success.

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