WINDIESí road to the 2019 War

Wed, May 29, '19


WI World Cup




Late 1980s–the decline ensues.

So many lows; consequently, low is now our standard. Like in the movies, surely someone shouts “could things get any worse?” Que the lowest of the low–the road to the Cricket World Cup 2019 takes us through the Qualifiers

But, praise be, for this other route, or the West Indies would be sitting out, as they did for the 2017 Champions Trophy. Oh, how the mighty have fallen!

At news of the impending war, Leftenant Gayle–dark and stormy–holds his post in the front-line. He aligns himself with a lad who, seven months prior, in white armour, defended his nation, leading an assault on the English. Also a member of that front-line attack, the left-handed assassin out of Port of Spain, whose destructive nature falls victim to selective amnesia of the nation he defends. 

There is also a boy–epitomizing the Caribbean swagger of old, a terrifying sight for the enemy (any opposition), a captain in his own right–who had led our young warriors through a successful war, two years ago. 

There is also the veteran, who’s posted in the middle contingent; a man with the ability to shift the power in the key moments of battle, cut-throat and unapologetic. 

There is another; he could be mistaken for his countryman–the force that calls himself  ‘Superman’–for which we hold high hopes in the camp. 

Joining the resistance at the expense of our ever-saluting soldier, stands the lithe figure of one of the charges of the young leader.  

In the meantime, the nurse cannot aid the  attacking issues we have, but he is only half of a recurring bish.

Some soldiers deny availability for deployment; one Clark Kent-esque, one mysterious, one who could be mistaken for a public servant if affectionately shouted after in the streets of Australia/New Zealand and the other, an imposter of The Prince.

The final battle is lost, but the war is won.

Full speed ahead, Cricket World Cup 2019!


What a revelation the defeat at the hands of the Bangladeshis is: Mr. Kent trades one suit for the other and dons maroon once more. There is hope and excitement he shall fight in the war in the summer of 2019. Following the defeat to the Asians, the lad still best known for his work in white, left on a mission: Increase Strike Rate.

Later Still…

On the battlefield where he seemingly effortlessly accomplishes his mission, there is a young warrior, out of the Land of Wood and Water; fearless and strong, talented and nimble. On that same patch of grass, the young man who fashions himself after Superman, raises his stock.

The war is fast approaching and the Leftenant is nowhere to be found. The underrated left-hander, too, is away. It is well known that he lacks battling form.

The fearless young quick goes to Asia to contest his first battle in maroon. His exploits create noise abroad.

In Asia, the man who completed his mission, begins to display the skills he garnered on said mission.

The lithe Guyanese hasn’t looked back since his first fight in Zimbabwe. He continues to hold the trust of all three of his captains.

Asia turns out to be a very interesting tour, as Clark Kent 2.0’s stock falls and the Imposter, is up from the ashes, so suddenly, he rises and is immediately in contention to fight in Maroon, in Europe, in just a few months time.

As the saluting soldier returns for the final home battle prior to the war, we are coerced into remembering a certain name, due to the unavoidable absence of the lithe Guyanese. The Leftenant also returns and Superman’s involvement gives confidence he has a role to play this summer.

There is now a change at the helm and some soldiers who declined the opportunity to fight in the Qualifiers now express a renewed desire to do so. However, the names of those who will fight is listed and the returning soldiers names’ are not among them, neither is the other half of the recurring bish, the Veteran, nor the lithe Guyanese. Though it’s certain, the unqualified nurse shall wear our crest, as well as that unforgettable name. 

While, the destroyer out of Port of Spain rightfully retains his post in the front-line; in Ireland, amidst final training, some soldiers show they have what it takes to fight in a war… too little, too late. 

The nation doubts some of those deployed, if not their pride, their skill set. Still, in true Caribbean fashion, we will rally and hope for victory for a third time.

The fifteen soldiers who will don maroon this summer are as follows:

Leftenant, Christopher Henry Gayle – 0045. 

Second Leftenant, Evin Lewis – 0017. 

Leftenant, Shai D Hope – 0004. 

Leftenant, Darren M Bravo – 0046. 

Leftenant, Shimron Hetmyer – 0003. 

Second Leftenant, Nicholas Pooran – 0029. 

Captain, Jason O Holder – 0008. 

Leftenant, Carlos Brathwaite – 0026. 

Leftenant, Andre Russell – 0012. 

Second Leftenant, Ashley Nurse – 0005. 

Second Leftenant, Fabian Allen – 0097. 

Leftenant, Kemar Roach – 0024. 

Leftenant, Sheldon Cottrell – 0019. 

Second Leftenant, Shannon Gabriel – 0085. 

Second Leftenant, Oshane Thomas – 0042.