Simmons, Emrit join Police Force

Thu, Mar 19, '20


Trinidad & Tobago

WEST Indies batsman Lendl Simmons and all-rounder Rayad Emrit are some of the new players added to the revived TT Police Cricket team and they are on track to become one of the top teams in local cricket.

Manager of the team Sheldon Sewnarine explained, “These guys applied to the TT Police Service as Special Reserves Police and they fulfilled all the requirements of the exams and interviews. With further help from the Commissioner of Police and other members of the Police Service made it possible.”

Sewnarine admits that other clubs should adapt their method. “Clubs need to have these recognised players in the system so the youths can learn from them. All organisations should follow this approach because it is good for sport and cricket. The young people should come out to play sports and stay away from crime; this is what the Police initiative is all about.”

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