England's Test hopes boosted by latest government strategy

Tue, May 12, '20


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The ECB's hopes of being able to stage international games behind closed doors appear to have been given encouragement by the new government strategy to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic.

As part of its phased plans to build an economic recovery, the UK government has announced that it aims to allow some sporting events "to take place behind closed-doors for broadcast" from June 1. The plans will be reviewed often and postponed if there is a growth in the virus infection rate.

While Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister, suggested there were morale-building reasons behind this return of sport, telling parliament that "allowing cultural and sporting events behind closed doors for broadcast... would provide a much-needed boost to national morale", it is no doubt equally relevant that such a return could help avoid the financial catastrophe currently being faced by various governing bodies.

While the ECB expects greater clarity from the government later this week - it is anticipated there will be a specific announcement relating to elite sport on Tuesday or Wednesday - and remains reluctant to commit itself to a schedule, it continues to use July 8 as a potential start date to the international season. To that end, it is understood the ECB hopes to unveil individual training plans, for both England's men and women's cricketers, within days.

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