Kraigg Brathwaite called on Desmond Haynes in search of a return to elusive form

Thu, Jun 18, '20


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Kraigg Brathwaite has not had a good time at the crease lately. In 2019, a score of 49 against the visiting English team in Antigua was his highest score for the year in what was a disastrous run as the West Indies Test opener.

It didn't get better. Scores of 14, 1, 10 and 3 against India and 11 and 8 against Afghanistan saw him end the year badly. That was when he called upon one of the best openers in West Indies history.

“I had some words with Desmond Haynes back in Barbados. Me and him always had a good relationship because he was team manager for the Barbados team when I first started, so I had some chats with him. He was obviously an opener as well and that's been very beneficial to me,” said Brathwaite who was addressing the media from the West Indies training base in Manchester on Wednesday.

Those words have proven largely to have been beneficial.

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