ICC postpones T20 World Cup due to Covid-19 pandemic

Wed, Jul 22, '20


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The ICC has finally postponed the 2020 men's T20 World Cup, a decision made because of the uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. The decision to put off the tournament, originally scheduled for October-November, was taken by the ICC Board on Monday. The board has also shifted the 2023 Men's World Cup from the February-March window to October-November that year.

The board ultimately agreed to windows for three men's events, with T20 World Cups in October-November 2021 and October-November 2022. But one decision not yet made is in which order Australia and India will host the T20 World Cups. In the original rights cycle, India was scheduled to host the event in 2021, after this year's event in Australia. The Women's World Cup, in New Zealand in February next year, has not yet been postponed, the ICC saying that planning for the event continues "as scheduled".

This remains a point of contention between the BCCI and CA, and is one reason why it took as long as it did to postpone the tournament officially. In May Earl Eddings, the CA chairman, sent an email to the ICC's Finance & Commercial Affairs Committee, in which he proposed that Australia and India swap hosting rights for the T20 World Cup, with Australia hosting the event in October-November 2021 and India a year later. Doing that, Eddings said, would financially help all members. If not, Eddings said it would be "detrimental to cricket" in case the "cancellation" of the World Cup in Australia this year was "replaced by award of" the tournament in October-November 2022.

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