South Africa's tour of West Indies dependent on IPL, travel restrictions - CWI

Fri, Jul 24, '20


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Any possibility of South Africa playing in the West Indies later this year will largely be dependent on the IPL and the lifting of travel restrictions that will allow the team to travel to the Caribbean.

That is the word from Cricket West Indies CEO Johnny Grave, who remains hopeful that the tour will happen in some form of the other. If Grave has his way, the West Indies, who are currently engaged in a bio-secure three-Test #Raisethebat series in England, could be hosting South Africa as early as September.

However, he concedes Grave that there are significant obstacles to surmount.

 “We have had three calls in the last seven days with our counterparts in South Africa. The plan as we are working on now is that the players will come home a week Wednesday. They will have the weekend at home. Those that are in the Caribbean Premier League will head down to Trinidad on probably the third of August; so a very quick turnaround. The CPL will then start in mid-August and go through to the 10th of September, and we hope very much that then South Africa will follow immediately after that,” Grave said while speaking on Mason & Guest in Barbados on Tuesday.

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