Butcher agrees with CWI's decision not to support Cameron's bid

Fri, Nov 6, '20



Former England and Barbados cricketer Roland Butcher has agreed with Cricket West Indies’ (CWI) decision not to support the bid of its former president Dave Cameron for the top position of chairman of the International Cricket Council (ICC).

CWI has not openly supported or nominated anyone for the position and that includes the 49-year-old Cameron. The United States of America Cricket Hall of Fame nominated Cameron and he subsequently requested CWI to second that nomination which they turned down. CWI’s decision shocked many and drew criticism even from Barbados Cricket Association president Conde Riley who suggested the region should be supportive of its own.

Butcher told Barbados TODAY that though it may appear as personal to some people, he believed CWI made the right call because Cameron did not have a chance of succeeding. 

“We must understand the situation. Most people see this as David Cameron asked Cricket West Indies and the West Indies cricket board said no. To be ICC chairman, it is a completely different situation. First and foremost you have to be a director or ex-director. You have to have at least two boards nominate you before you even get in the race."

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