Where do WI go from here?

Tue, Nov 16, '21



NOW, having been almost completely outplayed in the just-completed T20World Cup 2021, Cricket West Indies have the tough and probably unpleasant task of rebuilding the image of WI cricket.

In such circumstances, the cry of the hurt and upset fans of Caribbean cricket will naturally call for heads to roll. It is a natural and expected road to follow. People are hurting. They are embarrassed and are all trying to answer questions as to why this disaster happened.

At present, another WI group of players are in Sri Lanka to play a two-Test series against the hosts. The most loyal and optimistic of the local supporters are desiring a positive result in this series if only to be able to manage a smile again.

However, the Lankans knocked WI out of their last chance to save some pride and finish in the top two of Group One of the World Cup, with a final opportunity to qualify for the semi-finals, no matter how distant and impossible it seemed.

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