Making the case for all-format cricketers

Fri, Nov 19, '21



All the Caribbean supporters of West Indies (WI) cricket and indeed those worldwide, would have been understandably very disappointed with the early exit of the team from the T20 World Cup, and more so by the manner of their losses.

On paper, the team put together represented a formidable force, with some of the most-feared hitters in world cricket and substantial experience to thrive against all opponents. And indeed, optimism was high that we could do well in the tournament. Yet we finished, as defending champions, second from the bottom in our division, winning only one game of five played and failing to advance to the semi-final.

The critical point here is that while the ability to hit big in T20 cricket is an invaluable asset for any team, you can’t do so unless you spend time at the crease and seize the right moments to do so. Two things were glaring in the approach of our big hitters. One was the fact that the technique to adapt to different match circumstances was missing, and this fed into the second problem, that of poor shot selection.

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