Taylorís Tornadoes are champions of the inaugural FairBreak Invitational

Mon, May 16, '22


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When the Tornadoes won the toss and elected to insert the Falcons, they had the knowledge it was a far more dangerous team than they’d come up against in the league stages, as the South African all-rounder, Marizanne Kapp had been added to the batting side’s playing XI.

Destructive Falcons opening duo, Danni Wyatt and Chamari Athapaththu were looking set to continue their onslaught on the tournament, taking the first over from Diana Baig for 12 runs. But a stunning catch from Sita Magar sent Wyatt packing the first delivery of the second over.

The Falcons were still able to take 9 runs from the over but that would be followed by a period of 7 runs from 10 deliveries leading up to the dismissal of Athapaththu. The batting side would then find themselves on the verge of an embarrassing collapse at 59/4 in the 10th over. But then, Marizanne happened.

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