Windies facing Test demotion?

Wed, May 9, '18



Without saying a word…without spitting out sentences in anger…West Indians, all over the world have been embarrassed again, shamed...Their lives now indelibly stained by the notation of a demotion.

Demotion is never easy to accept, especially when one believes rightfully or wrongfully that it is unfair, unjustified, inequitable and downright unnecessary.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) announced last week, what we all expected but still hoped would not materialize, that the West Indies team is now outside of the top eight ranked teams in Test cricket for the first time in our history. And I should say, that takes some doing, given the teams below us, as only Zimbabwe has recently been introduced back into the Test arena and newcomers Ireland and Afghanistan will shortly join the fray. Effectively we are last.


Naturally, if all of this mattered to Cricket West Indies (CWI), then there could be serious concern among the various territorial boards and even in the countries themselves, but sadly that is not the case. Because like it or not, Insularity has not only raised its ugly head under this current administration but it has also soared to new heights.