Make West Indies Cricket Great Again

Sat, May 12, '18



Cricket West Indies made the announcement a few days ago that legendary Pakistan leg spinner Mushtaq Ahmed would be coming to the Caribbean for a month to work with the spinners in the region.

Director of Cricket Jimmy Adams has also been quoted as saying that there are plans in the pipeline to engage his services for a longer period. The news comes right after the story broke that some of the top emerging fast bowlers in the region were involved in an ongoing camp in Antigua. That is good news. The benefits of these moves may not be immediate, but there will be benefits down the road. They may not always get the credit for it, but it shows that those who run West Indies cricket are still trying to create ways to improve our cricket.

Having said that, what I will say now may sound quite paradoxical. It may sound horribly pessimistic, but it is my belief that it is unlikely that we will turn the current crop of West Indies cricketers into world beaters. We can improve them, we can get them to perform at better levels than they are currently doing, we may turn one or two average players into really good ones, but we won't be able to get enough of them performing at elite levels for us to form a superteam and come close to those days when we ruled the roost. At the senior levels, habits and techniques and thought patterns are already pretty much set. You can tinker with those, but you can only do so much with cricketers, who are already set in their ways. I strongly feel that we have to concentrate on cricket at far lower levels.