CARICOM doesn’t want ICC to fix Windies cricket – Gonsalves

Tue, May 15, '18



Prime Minister of St Vincent and the Grenadines and Chairman of the CARICOM subcommittee on cricket, Dr Ralph Gonsalves, is clearing the air on some misconceptions surrounding the latter organisation’s entreaty for a meeting with the International Cricket Council (ICC). 
According to Gonsalves, CARICOM had approached the ICC in a bid to ensure there was an understanding about what the heads of government were trying to achieve with its intervention in West Indies cricket.
“All that we are doing with the ICC with respect to their position as the international body responsible for the superintendence of world cricket is to indicate to them broadly what our position is,” said Gonsalves in an interview with
“We (CARICOM) are moving to set up a legislative framework for the governance of West Indies cricket, this public good which has been run by a private entity, with an insufficient responsiveness and responsibility to the people – that’s what it is in a nutshell.

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