Reds and Best call for Desmond Haynes to have a role

Wed, Oct 9, '19


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In an article by David Harris published in Barbados Today, Tino Best and Reds Perreira come out in support of CWI finding a role for WI legend Desmond Haynes, even though they acknowledge the head coach job will likely go to Phil Simmons.

"Desmond was an exceptional opener, one of the greatest we have produced. He coached in England and South Africa and had a stint as batting coach with the West Indies team a few years ago, but this is a different era. Desmond may be old school in his thinking. Some of our cricketers who are earning millions of dollars are not going to be inspired by Fire in Babylon. I could be wrong but that is my opinion. We are dealing with a different breed of cricketer. If a coach has an old school mentality, he is going to quickly lock horns with these young cricketers. It is very important that a coach be open-minded.  A coach should evolve with the times. I am not sure Desmond has done so because he has not been employed as coach for a while," Best is quoted as saying.

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