Brian Lara welcomes World Test Championships

Wed, Oct 23, '19


Brian Lara

Welcoming the introduction of the World Test Championship (WTC), Brian Lara, the legendary batsman, has stressed the WTC should have started much earlier.

“Yes I think (it should have started earlier). For someone, who has played for 16-17 years, who has played over 100 Tests, you felt that it became monotonous, you just keep travelling and cracking up the numbers, you win or lose a series, it mattered,” said Lara, who at the time of his retirement in 2006 was the highest run-getter in Test cricket.

“In terms of Test Championship, where there is an end, it culminates into a team becoming champion, that is something that should have happened a long time ago and happy to see it now. Even if you play against minnows — Afghanistan, Bangladesh — it means something and I feel it will create more excitement with spectators knowing that this is not another series and leads to something. Credit must be given to ICC for introducing this. Was important, a little late.”

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