A draw is better than a loss any day

Tue, Apr 6, '21



I am not among those disappointed by West Indies' drawn Test series against Sri Lanka. In my book drawing is always better than losing. And let's not forget that Sri Lanka are at seven in the International Cricket Council (ICC) Test rankings, ahead of West Indies at eight.

Still, I can't help feeling the West Indies missed opportunities at vital times — particularly through dropped chances — to press home their advantage. That said, the reality is that Sri Lanka also put down a few chances.

It's a reminder that the truly successful teams take their catches. Much is often said of the great West Indies teams of the late 70s, 80s and early 90s which demolished opposition with their fast bowlers. It mustn't be forgotten that their slip catchers of that time were second to none.

From a purely West Indian point of view, the biggest takeaway in the Sri Lanka series was probably the batting of captain Kraigg Braithwaite in the second Test. The big question when he was made captain was whether he could rediscover the run-scoring form of his early years in Test cricket.

The signs in Bangladesh when he averaged 37.25 in two Tests from 149 runs in four innings — stroking the ball pleasingly — gave the selectors courage to gamble. They, like the rest of us, must have been worrying when Brathwaite struggled in the first Test against Sri Lanka.

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