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CWI president promises to aid nation after T20 World Cup bid controversy

Wed, Jan 31, '24



Jamaica has no participation in the tournament because the Government decided not to bid for any games, having cited what it says is the high cost to prepare.

Sport Minister Olivia Grange said last year that $450 million would be needed to make upgrades to Sabina Park in Kingston in order to bring the stadium up to modern standards for the World Cup. The response to this from the public was negative, with many stakeholders questioning whether the Government and Jamaica Cricket Association (JCA) truly see the sport as a priority.

“Timely is the upcoming World Cup in June this year,” Shallow said while addressing an audience at the launch of the schoolboy cricket season on Thursday. “Like I’m sure every one of you [is], I’m disappointed that you won’t be hosting matches here in Jamaica at Sabina Park. I’m hoping that there’ll be some making up of that in the near future.”

Shallow says that one of the consequences of no games being hosted by Jamaica is its youngsters not being exposed to live cricket being played at the highest level by the best players from across the world.

He says this is unacceptable, because youngsters need players to look to and on whom to model their careers.

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