Trump says he never said Mexico would pay for

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1/10/19 9:05:35 PM 
the wall.

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When during the campaign, I would say Mexico is going to pay for it, obviously I never said this. I never meant they're going to write out a check," Trump told reporters at the White House Thursday

What is wrong with this man, doesn't he know that we everyone saw him saying this hundreds of times?

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1/10/19 9:21:57 PM 
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It is called gaslighting, a proven manipulative tool used by psychopaths to control others. cool

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1/10/19 9:43:18 PM 
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Greatest flim flam in the history of politics. Makes Nixon look stately. A magician could not pull the tricks this man pulls on so many.

His "Border Crisis" is the new "Weapons of Mass Destruction"

So effective at manipulation - that even David Copperfield should consider 2020

Hawk, spit, puke

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1/10/19 11:30:29 PM 
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You said it BEST! cool. cool cool

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1/12/19 9:05:56 AM 
Trump and his supporters operate in a fact free world of his creation. They have no integrity

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