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1/11/19 2:38:31 PM 
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Not on the commentary team?

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I like him wink

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I have received over 90 in-box messages and questions from some in the local Media and a local member of Parliament asking why I was not a part of the NCN radio team for this match; the last being Reds Perreira's wife who actually posted her comment on photo I took at yesterday's game.I did not realise this would have sparked such interest and now that it's gone public let me clear the air on that Issue. I was not invited. I was told that the NCN team was picked by a Trinidadian Journalist and I was not on the panel. End of story

He just post that on his Facebook page

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John Ramsingh probably organise for he and his friends to get the wuk

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Thanks for sharing this- glad they are getting new commies, Devers needed to be replaced. There is another fellow who was in the panel for the TT home game, he was worse.

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