Leveridge bowling with some serious pace

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1/12/19 10:08:56 AM 
If he can get his line right he would be a handful.

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1/12/19 10:22:56 AM 
He just doesn’t get wickets though... he used to go for runs and he has improved on that score but he just doesn’t seem to be able to get the ball in the right areas... shame

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1/12/19 10:33:39 AM 
In reply to robbo

Quick and wayward.. He and Thomas bowling all over the place..

They should look at Keemo and the other Jaguar pacers.. All bowling a decent line and length and moving around the ball

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1/12/19 10:52:30 AM 

Thomas is bowling well sometimes you need a bit of luck. Really hope Thomas plays against England.

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1/12/19 11:09:14 AM 
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That's how cricket go sometime you bowl without out luck and sometime you are and just keep on getting wickets. These two guys are good for the feature they just need support.

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1/12/19 11:15:24 AM 
Inexperienced bowlers need a willing and knowledgeable captain to guide them.

When Thomas bowled under Carlos' guidance he looked a different bowler to when he made his debut under Holder.

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1/12/19 11:40:35 AM 
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In reply to anthonyp

What happened to Keon Joseph?

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1/12/19 12:31:36 PM 
In reply to Headley

Read your post again and tell me if you thought about it properly?

I would hope a bowler would be different/better from the time he made his debut

Perhaps a bit more experience, being around the team, more confidence might have played a small part in that!!!

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1/12/19 12:42:01 PM 
In reply to laynew

The great Lance Gibbs said as a youngster he bowled better when Captain Worrell told him he had confidence in him. I rest my case.

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1/12/19 1:06:16 PM 
In reply to Headley

Gibbs was approaching 27 yo when playing for Frankie

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1/12/19 1:27:34 PM 
Leveridge’s current spell is very good.... if only he could bowl like this more consistently

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