Ian Botham Long Time Nuh See

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2/11/19 3:23:03 PM 
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is he unwell?

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2/11/19 3:26:48 PM 
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All the best if he is unwell..but,good riddance from commentary..

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2/11/19 10:28:02 PM 
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I dont know about this team but I know holding gower and botham are on the local english commentary team,I dont know if they flew over. rolleyes

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2/12/19 3:00:20 AM 
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i don't think i saw botham in the test series commentary box when england play their home series test matches against india or away to sri lanka

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2/12/19 6:43:08 AM 
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Sky are gradually phasing out the 'old guard'.

The likes of Botham & Gower will get less screen time now for the likes of Ward.

Big Summer ahead as well with the World Cup & The Ashes.

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2/12/19 6:54:33 AM 
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Mek him kerry him fugly skunt. lol

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