T&T Murders in April 2019.............53

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4/14/19, 3:04:29 PM 

Dead after brutal beating at home

Central Division police are investigating the death of a Couva man on Saturday.

Terry Ellie, 44, died while being treated at the Couva District Hospital at around 2pm.

Police said Ellie was involved in an altercation with a 34-year-old relative at his Savonetta home at around 2am.

He was savagely beaten on the head and about the body, police said.

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4/14/19, 3:08:42 PM 
Another teen girl missing
4 in past week

ANOTHER teenage girl has gone missing. For the past week, the police have e-mailed four press releases highlighting the disappearance of four teenagers.

In a press release yesterday, they said they were seeking the urgent assistance of the public in finding 15-year-old Aaliyah Ramsingh.

She was last seen leaving her Edinburgh 500, Chaguanas home at about 9.45 am on Thursday. She was reported missing to the Chaguanas Police Station that day by her uncle.

On Thursday, the police issued a release saying 16-year-old Jenais Fortune of Mc Inroy Street, Curepe was missing. She was last seen by her mother on Sackville Street in Port of Spain at 9.45 am on Monday, heading to a job interview.

On Tuesday, the police said Amiyah Mohammed, 14, was missing. She was last seen leaving her Lawrence Park, Arima home at 7.30 pm on January 18. She was reported missing to the Arima Police Station on January 22 by her grandmother.

Amiyah is of East Indian descent, five foot two inches tall and slim-built with a light brown complexion and long black hair.

Then last Monday, the police highlighted the disappearance of Williamsville resident Shania Ramjitsingh, 17. The teen, from Brothers Settlement, was last seen by her sister at 5.30 pm last Saturday, at a mini-mart near their home.

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4/14/19, 4:17:51 PM 
18 for the month so far..

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4/14/19, 5:18:46 PM 
THE killing of four people, including a disabled man, in separate incidents in the Chaguaramas, Beetham Gardens and Chaguanas areas between Saturday night and Sunday morning has taken the country’s murder toll for the year so far to 145.

For the corresponding period last year, the murder toll stood at 151.


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4/14/19, 5:36:52 PM 
Man! Wtf is going on in an island country of 1.3 million folks? Fact!
confused evil

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4/14/19, 7:26:05 PM 
In reply to Narper

bravos ......124 + 18 = 142..Its the Venes Fault.

Country’s murder toll for the year so far to 145.

For the corresponding period last year, the murder toll stood at 151.

But ,but he claims the commish said 29% reduction in murders?

The commish told he people.

rolleyes rolleyes

Excludes over 250 women missing?

Don't post such stats bravos go claim you wishing he and family bad luck in he Paradise.

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4/14/19, 7:27:51 PM 
This cop was stabbed in a bar brawl

An off-duty police officer was stabbed during a bar brawl in Siparia on Saturday night.

Police Constable Sterling Martin, who is attached to the Guard and Emergency Branch, was at a bar along Coora Road, when the incident occurred at around 10 p.m.

A police report stated that Martin was attacked when he attempted to subdue an irate patron.

Police said the man walked into the bar, holding a glass bottle, and began using obscene language.

Martin cautioned the man who became enraged.

Police said the man broke the bottle and hit the officer a blow to the left side of the face.

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4/14/19, 7:30:57 PM 

Murders without end: Disabled man among 4 killed

Update 1 hour ago

In the first incident, investigating officers said sometime on Saturday night, security guard Roger Borriel, had just completed duties in Chaguaramas when, upon leaving his place of work, he was ambushed by gunmen and shot dead in the vicinity of Bowen Marine, along the Western Main Road.

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4/14/19, 7:37:35 PM 
In reply to BeatDball

What problem? We doh have one ,it's the Venezuelans fault.

Ask bravos the commish told he we have a 29% reduction in murders and we go have 30% reduction by year end.

The commish didn't mention 250 women missing over the last year, he fergats dat one.

See, its Paradise ah tell ya.

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4/14/19, 9:09:37 PM 
In reply to sgtdjones

Archbishop: Trinis too angry

AS the country’s murder toll continues to climb, Archbishop Charles Jason Gordon is questioning why are citizens so angry. That anger, he said, was contributing to the violence now plaguing the country.


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4/14/19, 10:35:51 PM 
Is it the unemployment in these Islands that are contributing to this violence?

Are they too many gangs roaming the streets?
What is causing this?

I am convinced that if we young men live to reach 40 years old, we should hold one big party and thank the Almighty.

How come there are not that many young women carrying out these stupid acts?

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4/14/19, 11:19:48 PM 
In reply to TheTrail

IN the last year T&T have over 250 women missing?

Is your question answered?


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4/15/19, 10:09:36 AM 
An Hour Ago

Maracas Mayhem: One dead, three wounded at Bake and Shark stand

Police are working to find the motive surrounding the murder of one man and the wounding of three others at a Bake and Shark Stand along the North Coast Road, Maracas last night.
Police said Kiedon Williams was liming near Uncle Sam's bar at around 9.45 pm when he was shot several times. He died at the scene and three others, Dominic Wong, 20, Atiba Sheppard, 27 and Anthony Garraway, 27 were also wounded.

Police said when they got to the scene they saw the two shooters lying on the ground with one of them holding a gun, police identified themselves as they approached, but one of the men pointed the gun at the officers.

Police shot at them, but missed as both suspects ran away.
More as this becomes available

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4/15/19, 10:10:43 AM 
Man’s body found along Beetham Highway
A man’s body was found along the Beetham Highway, near the Solid Waste Management landfill yesterday police said.

The man identified as David Joseph, 28, was found by passers-by at around 8 am. His body appeared to have a gunshot wound to the head. Police were called in with a district medical officer who confirmed Joseph was dead.

Investigators believe Joseph was not killed where he was found, as the body appeared to have been dragged from another spot.

Joseph’s death brings the murder toll to 20 in the Port of Spain Division for the year thus far.

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4/15/19, 10:13:34 AM 
Manzanilla man chopped during domestic dispute

Eastern Division police are on the hunt for a man after he reportedly chopped his relative over a domestic dispute on Saturday.

Police said Jeremiah Baptiste, 26, was at his North Manzanilla home at around 9.45 am when he had an argument with the relative, who reportedly beat Baptiste’s younger brother.

A fight began between Baptiste and the suspect, who pulled out a cutlass and chopped Baptiste several times on his torso and feet before running away.

Manzanilla police were called and Baptiste was taken to the Sangre Grande Hospital where he underwent emergency surgery.

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4/15/19, 10:14:52 AM 

Man, 21, charged with killing Daniel Villafana, 22

A 21-YEAR-OLD Diego Martin man is expected to appear today before a Chagunanas magistrate charged with the murder of Daniel Villafana who was shot outside his workplace last month.

Acting Direct of Public Prosecutions Joan Honore-Paul over the weekend gave instructions for police to charge the suspect having reviewed a file from legal officer PC Kyrn Lewis of the Homicide Bureau Region III.

Police also charged the man with having a gun and ammunition and gun-related offences.

Villafana, 22, who lived at Sangre Grande, worked as a vendor for the Kiss Baking Company at Gaston Street in Chaguanas.

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4/15/19, 10:16:45 AM 
Woman raped, left in Caura

Po­lice are in­ves­ti­gat­ing the ab­duc­tion and rape of a 58-year-old woman who board­ed a PH taxi in Curepe on Fri­day.

In­ves­ti­ga­tors are warn­ing of se­r­i­al rapists lurk­ing along the East/West cor­ri­dor pos­ing as PH dri­vers.

This lat­est in­ci­dent adds to five oth­er re­ports of women be­ing raped and dumped in the Cau­ra area.

Some of the vic­tims were younger and were stabbed, po­lice said.

Ac­cord­ing to po­lice, at about 8 pm the lat­est vic­tim got in­to a black ‘PH’ taxi near. The vic­tim told po­lice that she was in the back­seat when a man jumped in the front pas­sen­ger seat right af­ter she en­tered the car.

Min­utes fol­lowed two oth­er pas­sen­gers - a man and a woman en­tered the back of the ve­hi­cle on ei­ther side of her sand­wich­ing her in the mid­dle.

The fe­male pas­sen­ger was the first pas­sen­ger to ex­it and as she was get­ting out of the ve­hi­cle the pas­sen­ger in the back seat cuffed the vic­tim to the face and knocked her un­con­scious.

When she re­gained con­scious­ness, she told po­lice, she was ly­ing in some bush­es close to a road­way as she heard pass­ing ve­hi­cles.

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4/15/19, 5:33:49 PM 
Charged with strangling murder of woman

Apr 15, 2019 Updated 1 hr ago

KESHAN BAJNATHSINGH appeared the Siparia court this morning charged with the murder of Leisha Ramnath who was beaten and strangled to death.

Magistrate Margaret Alert read the charge which alleged that he murdered Ramnath between March 29 and April 1 at Rampersad Trace, Clarke Road, Penal.

The charge was laid by Cpl Deo.

Alert explained to Bajnathsingh that, given the nature of the charge, he was not entitled to bail.

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4/15/19, 6:09:56 PM 
3 Hrs Ago
CEPEP worker killed in Diego Martin

THE CEPEP worker shot dead earlier today has been identified as Richard Baird, a 46-year-old man of Broome Street, Four Roads in Diego Martin.

Police are now trying to determine whether gunmen were targeting him, or if this was tragic case of mistaken identity.

According to reports, at about 8.45 am, Baird had a jersey wrapped over his face and head to keep dust out as he was cleaning parts of Second Street in Petit Valley.

Four masked men approached and ordered him to take off the white jersey. Shortly after, gunshots were heard. Police are not sure whether he took off the 'mask' and was identified as a target or refused to take it off and was shot after.

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4/15/19, 6:11:22 PM 
4 Hrs Ago


Work dispute may have caused guard’s death

A disagreement between coworkers may have been the motive for the murder of 56-year-old security guard Roger Borriel on Sunday.

Borriel, was killed between Saturday evening and Sunday morning, while protecting a warehouse for Bowen Marine in Chaguaramas.

Robbery was not suspected as the motive, as police said nothing appeared to be missing from the warehouse. They also said Borriel's cellphone and wallet were still on him.

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4/16/19, 9:52:16 AM 

Four arrested after Maracas murder

FOUR people have been arrested in relation to the murder of 26-year-old Kiedon Williams on the North Coast Road, Maracas Bay, on Sunday night.

Newsday understands police received information shortly after the shooting that the suspects were driving along the Blanchisseusse Road, Arima, and intercepted them.

The suspects, who include three men and one woman, were searched, along with the car they were travelling in, but no weapons were found.

Newsday spoke to Williams’ relatives at the Forensic Science Centre, St James, yesterday. They said he went to a party at the beach and did not believe he would be killed.

They also denied earlier reports on social media that he was affiliated with any gang.

“They are always quick to label it as gang-related whenever it is a Muslim involved, but he was not a part of any gang.

“He was also from Gonzales in Port of Spain, not Enterprise, Chaguanas, like they said on social media.”

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4/16/19, 10:11:43 AM 
Crime in­volv­ing non-na­tion­als Jan-April 2019:

• Four Venezue­lans mur­dered

• Two Chi­nese men, one Venezue­lan woman and one Guyanese man charged in sex-ring bust

• Nine­teen fe­male non-na­tion­al mi­nors res­cued from hu­man traf­fick­ing ring

• Nine non-na­tion­als ar­rest­ed for pos­ses­sion of nar­cotics

• Five de­tainees es­caped the Im­mi­gra­tion De­ten­tion Cen­tre

• Po­lice res­cued four Venezue­lan women from a house at Diego Mar­tin

• Fifty-six Venezue­lans ar­rest­ed and charged for il­le­gal en­try

• Six Venezue­lan women at­tack po­lice

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4/16/19, 5:39:50 PM 
16-year-old arrested for $300,000 robbery

A 16-year-old boy who helped two thieves steal $300,000 from a business couple has been arrested.

The boy of Sangre Grande, was detained with a 39 year old man of Guaico, Tamana on Monday.

The victims are the owners of a restaurant at Tamana Road.

Police said that on Monday, the victims were at their home at Paul Street, Sangre Grande when around 11.30 a.m. there was a knock at the door.

They opened it to find the 16-year-old suspect whom they know.

While speaking with the teenager, two gunmen stormed in and announced a hold up.

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4/17/19, 9:35:24 PM 
South businessman kidnapped, US$6m ransom

KIDNAPPERS pretending to be police officers snatched a San Fernando businessman on Sunday and have demanded a ransom of US $6 million for his return.

Yohan Chin was kidnapped from his home at Monica Drive, Palmiste.

Chin’s business partner and neighbour, a 36 year old man reported the kidnapping to police on Tuesday evening - two days after it occurred.

He said Chin had instructed him not to go to the police.

The man has since been detained by police.

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4/17/19, 9:39:07 PM 
Missing Penal farmer found murdered

THE worst fears of the family of a missing Penal farmer came true when he was discovered murdered on Wednesday.

Johnny Ramjattan, 53, left his home at Scott’s Road on Monday night to deliver ground provisions to a vendor in San Fernando, and his bloodied body was found two days later.

His family said his face was bashed in and he bled to death.

The family knew something was wrong when Ramjattan did not return home on Monday night.

Around 5.30 a.m. Tuesday they contacted Penal police and reported him missing.

The family also posted a picture of him and his vehicle on Facebook asking for the public to send information.

Around midday the family was contacted and told that the vehicle was found at Concorde Road in La Romaine. Police and family searched the area but Ramjattan was not found.

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