TT not in recession but stagnation

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4/15/19 8:25:11 PM 
In an e-mail to Business Day, Barbados-based Bitt chief economist, Marla Dukharan, argued otherwise. "TT was/is not in a recession. TT is in a stagnation." This, she added, was worse than a recession. TT has averaged zero growth for ten years. "One quarter or one year of growth does not signal a reversal of a trend that has lasted ten years."

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Two Trini's claims to be an Imam economist was bragging when the duncy minister made a foolish statement last week.

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4/15/19 9:50:24 PM 
Stagnation zero growth vs Recession negative growth.

The trend or negative "growth" is heading towards R.

Like falling with a lil bad sick. left untreated and nuff sores buss

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According to the World Bsnk, T&T has the largest fiscal deficit in Central America and the Caribbean. Infact they predict that the twin island republic's economy will shrink by -0.5% this year!

Venezuela, T&T Nicaragua and Argentuns are the only 4 countries that the World Bank estimates this year will have weaker economies by the end of 2019.

 Two oil rich countries. That is interesting.

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