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link defeyeant Joined: Jan 31, 2003
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5/15/19, 1:41:44 PM 
third pick isnt bad for the Knicks. I honestly think Barrett has franchise player potential.

link Headley Joined: Dec 1, 2007
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5/16/19, 10:54:32 AM 
Knicks fan probably regrets getting Zion Williamson tattoo

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link seaegg99 Joined: Apr 5, 2005
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5/16/19, 11:35:27 AM 
I think Ja Morant is actually going to be the best player in this year's draft. His total game is better and he is a point guard who would have the ball to control the game.

link NYCGURU Joined: Nov 28, 2003
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5/16/19, 11:50:37 AM 
In reply to seaegg99

Am not going to predict who is going to have a greater impact, but i do love Ja Morant and think he is going to be a nice piece to pair with Jaren Jackson for the Grizzlys to rebuild around. Moving Conley and his two remaining expensive years to the Suns for their 6th pick actually makes sense for both teams.

link ray Joined: Feb 6, 2003
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5/16/19, 2:05:59 PM 
In reply to NYCGURU

So, you think the SUNS are suckers to go for that


link NYCGURU Joined: Nov 28, 2003
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5/16/19, 7:01:28 PM 
In reply to ray

Why would they be considered suckers to take on the last two years of Conleys contract? Devin Booker is the only player on their roster making big money and they have been looking for a point guard to run the show for years. All of their young players are on their rookie contracts and under team control. Monty Williams need a veteran to teach these youngsters how to win and Conley is only 31.

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