Guyanese at home vs Guyanese abroad

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Comments please

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was thinking you organize a curry goat/duck game!


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This is pertaining to Guyana but the attitude is not unique to Guyana.
Just this morning a friend of mine and Ia
were having a discussion around this very issue: that somehow those who live at home believe that they are more patriotic than those who live in the Diaspora.

The attitude can be summed up thus: keep your mouths shut and your wallets open where it concerns our shared homeland.

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Endorsed cool

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Thanks for the upper cut of reality. big grin

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Jamaica is way way way ahead of Guyana when it comes to getting its diaspora population to help the country.They have set up a Junior Minister in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and that person co-ordinates the Jamaica Diaspora which has regional groups and annual conferences where they co-ordinate help to Jamaica in Health and Education.There is a program of sponsorship for Health Clinics across the island as well as numerous Educational initiatives.
The reality is that no country in the world has suffered more in terms of brain drain than Guyana.Guyana is NUMBER 1 in the world when it comes to the percentage of its University Graduates who live outside of the country, yet there is tremendous resistance to the Guyanese Diaspora no doubt fueled by the cussing many Guyanese who live overseas heap on their country.However the Guyanese Diaspora sends massive amounts of money as well as gifts and services to their home country.
It is a most unfortunate situation now compounded by the dual citizenship situation.

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Spot on in assessment of Guyana's plight. Though many Caribbean countries fail to embrace their overseas countrymen when they return home ("how can we make a buck off them" rather than "how can we benefit from their knowledge and experience ") Guyana is definitely most disadvantaged by this attitude.

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Freddie vex he didn't get to eat a food too.... smile

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Hahahahahah- gwan Kirts lol

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freddie has become a rambling, bitter madman.....

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Really shocked and disappointed to see Kissoon descend to the gutter and he appears bitter and sad.

On the other hand, Kirton comes across as a professional and a leader

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