This England one day team...

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5/14/19, 2:20:12 PM 
Exciting for days.
Gotta be favourites on home soil.

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5/14/19, 2:23:51 PM 
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A score of 500 might be on the cards for this World Cup!

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5/14/19, 2:25:36 PM 
They can chase down any total, and any total can be chased down against them.

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5/14/19, 2:28:20 PM 
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I said it before, they are the best ODI team.

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5/14/19, 3:26:54 PM 
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lol lol lol

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5/14/19, 5:49:48 PM 
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deadly as ever!! but it only takes one game to lose in the knock out stage and they're gone...

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5/14/19, 6:02:24 PM 
English hype!

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5/14/19, 6:49:51 PM 
They can choke like the 5th odi vs West Indies this year

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5/15/19, 10:40:25 AM 
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I am betting they will NOT win the WC.

In crucial moments, they will falter ...

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5/15/19, 11:23:46 AM 
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Exciting for days.
Gotta be favourites on home soil.

They are a good side. But it's England we're talking about here. They'll contrive to choke when it matters.

I personally think the Aussies will win the WC. From some reason they always perform well in world cups and with Warner and Smith back in the fold they are going to be the team to beat.

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5/15/19, 11:44:35 AM 
Formidable bench strength, all their bowlers can bat, leggie option, offie option, power hitters at the top and backend, rock solid Joe Root, smart fast bowlers and the best white ball captain in world cricket. Difficult to see anyone beating them at home.

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5/15/19, 1:19:47 PM 
England will lose and the press will go after the Bajans!

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