Farewell, BeachBum

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5/15/19, 1:57:16 AM 
My very good friend Malcolm Holder, who posted here on CaribbeanCricket.com as BeachBum up to a couple of years ago, died last weekend. From Barbados, he loved life, his friends and family and all things Caribbean.

Mally, as we called him, started out as a policeman in Barbados, but then he migrated to the USA and went to college, where he graduated with a degree, in computer science, I believe. He worked at the same time, and raised several kids, the youngest of whom are still in their teenage years.

Always the fun-loving optimist, it was a pleasure and blessing to share life with him. If there is life after death on Earth, it would be an honor to share that life with him too,


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5/15/19, 2:30:58 AM 
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Very sad news. Condolences to his family and friends. Thanks for letting us know Norm. He will be missed

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5/15/19, 4:55:45 AM 

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5/15/19, 5:13:50 AM 
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I remember him! May his soul RIP!

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5/15/19, 6:38:01 AM 
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Thanks for that memorial in assisting us to recall this long lost contributor to this MB.

May he Rest In Peace.

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5/15/19, 6:42:53 AM 
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Oh nooo!!!

That is very sad news.

Beachbum was my CCC buddy.

R.I.P my friend!!!

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5/15/19, 7:10:33 AM 
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5/15/19, 7:25:44 AM 
So sorry to hear. Beachbum Malcolm, RIP bro.

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5/15/19, 7:43:55 AM 
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Sorry to hear about Beachbum and condolences to his family and friends.

May he RIP.

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5/15/19, 8:33:55 AM 

remember him saying he was living in South Florida.

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5/15/19, 8:40:57 AM 
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A teenage child suggests that he died too young. Sympathies to his family.

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5/15/19, 9:21:55 AM 
I remember him...RIP

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5/15/19, 9:23:33 AM 
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Sad news indeed – RIP BeachBum ---

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5/15/19, 9:55:46 AM 
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I remember poster BeachBum.

Very sad to hear of his passing.

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5/15/19, 10:05:15 AM 
R.I.P. Beachie...

He used to talk about his Sailboat...

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5/15/19, 10:09:30 AM 
May he RIP

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5/15/19, 10:11:01 AM 
Sad to know that one of our very own poster has passed.

BeachBum was a decent poster, upbeat and pleasant.

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5/15/19, 12:14:54 PM 
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Deepest sympathy to his family and friends - he will be missed

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5/15/19, 12:21:54 PM 
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Sad news. May he RIP. Let him know the CC community sends its condolences to his loved ones.

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5/15/19, 4:20:54 PM 
RIP Beachie.

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5/15/19, 4:28:45 PM 
Rest in Peace Mally, you are missed

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