Congrats again to Obama

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6/20/19, 1:35:04 PM 
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For sending the S&P 500 to all time highs today.

That dastardly Trump will continue to try his darndest to send it down evil

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6/20/19, 2:10:18 PM 
In reply to VIX

Stock market movements are not real. Controlled by algorithms.

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6/20/19, 4:05:38 PM 
In reply to culpepperboy

Stock market movements are not real. Controlled by algorithms.

Makes complete sense.

People have been making and/or losing fake money all this time. lol lol lol

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6/20/19, 4:17:37 PM 
In reply to VIX

it is going to go higher on fake news of a fake war by a fake president big grin

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6/20/19, 4:33:48 PM 
Pyramid schemes and Ponzi schemes have many similar characteristics based around the same concept: unsuspecting individuals get fooled by unscrupulous investors who promise them extraordinary returns in exchange for their money.

A legal ponzi scam.

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