HEADLINE: CWI has no choice but to grant Gayle his farewell

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7/7/19, 7:32:29 PM 

The West Indies is set to play host to India for a full tour which will bowl off on August 3rd in Florida. The One-Day International series was set to mark a new era in West Indies 50-over cricket, with the expectation that the young core of this team would be given an extended run of games. With the T20I series seeing the return of the T20 stars, while the Test series would have been marketed as WINDIES being the first team to feature in the inauguration of the ICC World Test Championship, the 2019-2021 edition. However, with Chris Gayle taking a controversial U-turn on his retirement decision, the ODI series will now be anticipated as a signing-off for Gayle and there is now the small matter of a farewell game for the Jamaican, in the Test series. The bigger issue, though, lies within the idea of a farewell Test for a player who has been absent from the Test scene for 5 years, this coming September. 

A case could be made for a man who has two triple centuries, three double hundreds and fifteen centuries in Test cricket deserving a send-off. Yet, a case could also be made against the left-hander on the premise that he bade his goodbye to Test cricket long ago, having last played the longest format in Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines back in 2014 against Bangladesh. Where I stand, however, is here: the timing of a farewell Test match for Christopher Henry Gayle is an inconvenience, as:

  1. The West Indies has just stumbled upon what looks like the partner Kraigg Brathwaite has been yearning for.
  2. Immediately prior to the game Gayle is keen to play (the second Test at Sabina Park); Test matches will no longer be just Test matches

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7/7/19, 7:38:17 PM 
Gayle always manipulated thru media..very Trumpian..

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7/7/19, 8:23:36 PM 
In reply to Khaga

The shite the Caribbean "journalists" write is mind boggling.

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7/7/19, 8:36:03 PM 
Crampy is my boy, much respect to everything he has acheived and all he has contributed to West Indies Cricket, but if he can not make the team on merrit he should be dropped and the team should move on. Lara didnt get a good bye series neither did Viv or Chanders lets not start with that now.

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7/7/19, 8:52:04 PM 
While we are at it let us figure out where to place his monument for public worshiping.

maybe right next to the idols from the dominant era? Please let me know where is that place...

Our cricket is now about individuals and impressing the T20 Leagues for job security.
The Administration of our WI Cricket operates under the classic American Mafia style. Always feuding and every once in a while a new punk tries his hand at running the show.
We are in desperate need of a Godfather in so many ways!!!!!

twisted twisted

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7/7/19, 9:14:15 PM 
In reply to CaribbeanCricket.com

Wtf is this shite.

Completely misread it at first because what is actually saying made no sense to me...brain could not compute!!

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7/7/19, 9:23:24 PM 
In reply to DIEHARD
I suggest a farewell.... “Goodbye and Goodluck” Mr Gayle!!!!!

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7/7/19, 9:24:38 PM 
Gayle is at it again. He should have treated his fantastic performance in the ODI series against England as his farewell in the West Indies. He is after all playing for the West Indies not for Jamaica. If he wants to wear WI colours in Jamaica so badly, he should be prepared to be 12th man and get rousing applause as he brings out the water and towels. Sorry, the self proclaimed Universe Boss was shown up in the WC not to be so. Thank you for your service and Live Long and Prosper.

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7/7/19, 9:57:50 PM 
Gsyle must play in that second test in Jamaica or prepare for a massive boycot!!!

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7/8/19, 12:04:35 AM 
In reply to Avatar

Good joke man. Anybody in Jamaica interested in Test cricket to participate in boycott? The 50 regulars who sit up in North Stand beside the dressing rooms?

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7/8/19, 4:54:52 AM 
In reply to VoopsandOut

I concur

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7/8/19, 5:25:31 AM 
In reply to Khaga

Crampy Quota required ?

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7/8/19, 6:07:24 AM 

Come on guys, wouldn't it be great if Gayle could score an unprecedented 4th triple ton, and at his Sabina Park home ground no less?

I say, let's give the man the opportunity.

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7/8/19, 6:26:42 AM 
In reply to Drapsey
CG Is de BOSS big grin

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7/8/19, 6:29:01 AM 
The question must be, can Gayle make the team on merit? A resounding yes!

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7/8/19, 6:34:35 AM 
In reply to TyTy35
You guys make me sick at times.

So your logic is because Viv, Lara and Chandlers got crappy treatment from CWI, the same crappy treatment should be meted out to Gayle?

My advise to all up and coming talented youngsters, Pooran, Hetmyer, Thomas, if the opportunity presents itself for you all to earn a living playing cricket around the world other than for the WI, grab it and run with it.

More likely than not based on the reasoning of these so called fans, you all will be in line for the same crappy treatment which seems ok to these non thinking fans.

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7/8/19, 6:59:38 AM 
In reply to CaribbeanCricket.com

Gayle should be retired just like Viv, Greenidge,Shiv and Lara were. Just do not name him in the team.
His core is 20/20 cricket just like DeVilliers.
So he should stop trying to manipulate the selectors.
Just retire because you cannot score in big games anymore. This WC proved it.

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7/8/19, 8:10:28 AM 
In reply to rillo
You are just another fool.

Who performed with the bat for WI during the England tour to the Caribbean prior to this World cup?

While you are thinking about that question answer this one. Other than Pooran, name another consistent performer with the bat for WI during this world cup.

Just posting for posting sake does not mean you are a person who brings rational thought, logic and common sense to the table.

Going by your logic, not only Gayle but a whole bunch of the current players who took part in this world cup would be out of the team.

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7/8/19, 8:13:19 AM 
In reply to Star

Remove your head from your ass.

At age 39 it's time for Gayle to move on from test cricket and give a younger player the opportunity. It's not that Gayle has been a regular feature of the West Indies test side within recent times.

This is opportunistic at best. No IPL or other KFC's...

CWI is not a mum amd pap corner shop.

Would you defend Gayle's fantasies had it been a dottie in the same vein, who hadn't played test regularly for the West Indies of late?

Think about the answer before typing.

Let him get his farewell in T20 cricket.

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7/8/19, 8:31:29 AM 
In reply to CaribbeanCricket.com

Brian lara, avg of 53, 9 double hundreds including a triple and a quadruple, author of 4 of the top 20 test innings of all time, 3 in the top ten, did not get a farewell test..................who the hell gayle thinks he is

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7/8/19, 8:34:25 AM 
avatar image
In reply to Avatar
Gayle must play in that second test in Jamaica or prepare for a massive boycott!!!

How would this "massive boycott" be played out?

Are you suggesting that a few of the 2 dozen pensioners who typically comprise the 'crowd' a at Sabina Park test match will stay home to protest Gayle's exclusion?big grin

I guess it would be reminiscent of that much touted "massive boycott", from 2 years ago, against Pakistan, when the retirees presumably stayed away in droves to register their disapproval of Blackwood being left out on the occasion of the 50th test at Sabina Park!!big grin big grin

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7/8/19, 8:42:08 AM 
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In reply to TyTy35
... but if he can not make the team on merrit he should be dropped and the team should move on.

This concept of 'merit' is such a quaint notion!big grin

Don't you recall Hillaire's dictum about the paradigm shift and have you forgot that it's now about "vibes", "commitment" & "passion"? big grin

We would hope that Gayle, if selected, will be expected to contribute a little more than spinning the toss and clapping!big grin big grin

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7/8/19, 8:44:29 AM 
Test cricket is not a joke.

link anthonyp Joined: Nov 1, 2009
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7/8/19, 8:46:30 AM 
In reply to Avatar

boycot? so you want the dog and handful of pensioners to stay home? lol lol

I don't expect any support for WI.. The Indians on the other hand will be there to support their team

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7/8/19, 2:17:50 PM 
In reply to Courtesy
To understand the gist of the author's piece one must have a modicum of common sense.

Seeing that you failed to comprehend what the author is getting at, it would be pointless responding in detail to you any further.

It is very hard to convince a fool with logic and it is very easy for a fool to believe and think his opinion is the only one that matters.

The author of the article put forward an argument for Gayle's inclusion based on rational thought, logic and common sense.

I support the author's view and I can tell you right here and now that Mr.Jimmy Adams, Mr.Robert Haynes and Mr.Skerritt are all of the same view.

The days of management being nasty and hateful towards the players are over. You can continue living in the stone age with that plantation mentality.

Mr.Skerritt and Mr.Adams are way above that pay grade. Welcome to the new way of thinking at CWI.

The days of old man Courtesy with his plantation management style are over.

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