Rain pelting at Lords

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8/14/19, 5:23:15 AM 
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Ah well

10.40am: There will be an inspection at 11am, things a little brighter at Lord's now, apparently. Though another band of rain is supposedly creeping up to ambush St Johns Wood soon enough.

10.35am: Raining in Galle now, too. Though apparently, against all odds, it's currently dry iin Aberdeen.

10.30am: Move along, nothing to see here. Well, barring some purple pluvial prose from Miller: "Honestly, this is utterly, utterly gopping. Minging, merciless, pointless. And seriously bloody wet. I mean, I've done rain in England before, in fact I consider myself a connoisseur. But this is just filthy and insidious. Vast, hornet-style mega-drops of rain, colder than a February barbecue. And already turning the outfield beneath the Mound Stand into a floodplain.

From Misinfo lol

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8/14/19, 7:12:47 AM 
In reply to Chrissy yep - raining by me also in Northamptonshire

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8/14/19, 9:06:59 AM 
Wait until September. Oz may just come out of the whole thing 1-0.

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8/14/19, 9:13:09 AM 
In reply to goliath

Raining in my part of north London...been raining non-stop since about 8am.

Looks like it's finally stopping now, but still overcast and miserable.

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