Simmons: Cottrell deal ‘life changing’

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12/30/19, 5:41:54 PM 
Simmons: Cottrell deal ‘life-changing’

BRIDGETOWN, Bar­ba­dos – West In­dies head coach Phil Sim­mons has de­scribed Shel­don Cot­trell’s lu­cra­tive In­di­an Pre­mier League deal as “life-chang­ing” but says he does not ex­pect it to af­fect his ca­reer.

Cot­trell, a flam­boy­ant left-arm seam­er, was snatched up in the auc­tion ear­li­er this month for US$1.2 mil­lion by Kings XI Pun­jab, mak­ing him one of the most ex­pen­sive buys for next year’s com­pe­ti­tion.

“It will def­i­nite­ly be life-chang­ing for any­one who gets a mil­lion dol­lars to play crick­et,” said Sim­mons, a for­mer West In­dies all-rounder.

“I don’t think it’s ca­reer-chang­ing be­cause I think he knows where he’s at with West In­dies crick­et and he’s the pre­mier fast bowler right now in West In­dies crick­et in white-ball crick­et.

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12/30/19, 8:32:11 PM 
cottrell must now build on this opportunity by staying sharp and in control of his trade. this requires him to hit the nets regularly and look harder at various ways of how to get to the very top of that which he has been paid handsomely to do.

having loads of money makes some people start lacking motivation because, life becomes easy. hope cottrell understands that with this payday he can now fully concentrate on his game and spend more time bettering himself as a cricketer.

many green-eyed monsters are coming out of the woodwork questioning his contract and those are the very ones who will be rooting for him to fail just so that they could be proven correct.

one year ago the left-arm quick unadkat was sold for inr 8.4 crore (approx. usd 1.17m) to rajasthan royals, the same team that had bought him for inr 11.5 crore in january and then released him ahead of 2018 auction. no one cared to ask if he was actually worth almost usd 3m - even moreso that his bowling never too off.

cottrell must understand where he is presently at and on what ground he stands.

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12/30/19, 8:40:58 PM 
In reply to BERTRAND

I trust cottrell would not let the money get to his head. He's from the military so he's already very disciplined. If its one cricketer i have confidence in is cotrell.

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12/30/19, 8:55:49 PM 
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In reply to Jumpstart

and quite Frankly its his Military background that has given him the signature Salute that every fan except the opposition want to see.

He has carved a niche out for himself as a Bowler...

No other Bowler in the history of cricket has a signature celebration of merit...not like Cotterell...Happy for the lad!!

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12/30/19, 8:59:36 PM 
In reply to powen001

Bollywood/Hollywood next for the solja?

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In reply to Drapsey

Bollywood/Hollywood next for the solja?

no, he probably next would land a regular gig in the west indies test team and then on to stardom with an elizabeth hurley, a la shane warne, at his side or take a lead role in a movie like irfan pathan.

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12/31/19, 12:15:23 AM 
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In reply to powen001

No other Bowler in the history of cricket has a signature celebration of merit...not like Cotterell

What are you talking about?

Bowlers throughout history have signature dismissals.

Brett Lee’s chainsaw

Imran Tahoe’s sprint

Dwayne Bravo’s champion dance

Kenrick Williams’ notebook

Just to name 4 obvious ones

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12/31/19, 12:45:58 AM 
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In reply to imusic

Who can forget Dave Mohammed's shoe-phone celebration? Or his "crocodile death roll"?

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In reply to Kurt

Video quality is crappy. A pristine copy should be tracked down & put in the Cricket Hall of fame.

Shoe phone

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12/31/19, 6:33:00 AM 
it'sa blessing and a curse for him any more performances like the ones against india will make him a laughing stock many people already believe he don't deserve a million dollar deal

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12/31/19, 6:44:00 AM 
In reply to imusic

Those are all good examples, imusic. But the Solja's is the only one yet acceptable by the establishment. Even to the tune where the entire drill is now being practiced in India's schools.

A little more exposure and it might even become standard at West Point. I was tempted to include Sandhurst, but thought better of it.

By the way, make sure you watch the Rose Bowl tomorrow. wink

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12/31/19, 11:53:41 AM 
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why dont you go and help Forde retro fit those trash trucks instead of getting bitch slapped by Itito?

big grin

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Imran Tahoe’s sprint
In reply to imusic

lol lol lol


Try Ta-hir.

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12/31/19, 2:07:00 PM 
In reply to imusic

"of merit"

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He had a couple good ones against India, including the one where he sent Kohli back for spit. Had he not, who you thought would have won that match?

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