HEADLINE: Cameron threatens to sue CWI

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5/20/20, 10:24:10 AM 

Former President of the Cricket West Indies (CWI) Dave Cameron has threatened to sue the board if he is not given a fair chance to respond to Pannell Kerr Foster (PKF) audit report before it is being published.

Cameron through his lawyer Loy L. A. Weste has written to the Chief Executive Officer of CWI, Mr. Jonathan Grave questioning the credibility of the report. Cameron has demanded, without prejudice to any rights he may now have a full copy of this report within 48 hours, and the right to respond fully to all of the questions, comments or allegations made by PKF, and statements made by Mr. Michael Holding on SportsMax and the President within 21 days.
The letter stated that, “Should CWI whether by way of the Board or management or otherwise seek in the meantime to publish the report, or refuse to meet Cameron’s demands for a copy of the report and time to respond, he will have no alternative but to seek the appropriate orders and remedies from the High Court.”

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5/20/20, 10:28:37 AM 
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If the CWI does not publish the report what would be Cameron's case against them,this action will only serve as cover for CWI to hide!

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5/20/20, 10:37:12 AM 
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CWI doesn't have to do anything, as Cameron noted they are a private entity on numerous occasions and cant be held accountable by anyone.

CWI didn't leak the report, CWI nor its auditors didn't make any comment to the press.

Comments were made by non CWI employees.

How can CWI be sued?


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5/20/20, 10:47:37 AM 
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all Cameron action does is give Skerritt cover to say he can't publish the report.

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