Sherwin Campbell vs Kraigg Brathwaite

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7/30/20, 12:30:43 PM 
Two Bajan openers. One a dour poker, the other a dashing players who loves to pull.

Openning tells me Kraigg is superior.

62 matches
3672 runs
Ave 33.08
8 100s 19 50s
47.71 vs Bang Ave
40.33 vs Zim
52.22 vs NZ
37.00 vs Pak
36.60 vs SL
Home 31.76 Away31.56

Sherwin Campbell
52 matches
2882 runs
Ave 32.38
4 100s 18 50s
66.44 vs NZ
45.50 vs SL
37.00 vs ZIM
Home 29.56 Away 35.24

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7/30/20, 1:00:42 PM 
In reply to analyst-kid
Why the comparison?

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8/1/20, 5:04:03 PM 
IMO Brathwaite is better because (if you can stay awake) at least he plays more side on. Sherwin was square.

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8/1/20, 5:07:58 PM 
In reply to JamMack

Both afraid of fast bowling lol

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8/1/20, 10:50:39 PM 
Both are nothing more than average test players, and would never be mentioned among the elite, both are/were capable of spectacular performances but sadly not close enough together, Brathwaite does have the capacity to improve unfortunately this is not the case as his repertoire of strokes is limited and lacks fluency

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8/2/20, 12:05:53 AM 
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Doh tell bajans that
.....the current bowling eastwick is on record as saying in 2008 that brathwaite was ready for test cricket

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8/2/20, 8:32:25 AM 
Ah hear Adrian Barath come outta retirement and is planning a comeback.The selectors fling the boy out to mek way for the favourite Keiron Powell,nuh so,well he want to help, him being Godly and all that.Powell had 40 tests and messed about with us, but all was forgotten and we took him back again,but still no good,the love affair gone sour and now we doh have nobody,tings wuk out bad.Barath say him had some knock up in he backyard so he ready when the selectors ready.

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8/2/20, 10:27:26 AM 
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I am a bajan, and you can tell us this, we call a spade a spade, for all his limitations, no other opener has been productive as kraigg, no new opener has announced himself with authority
Our entire first class teams lack high quality world class batsmen, all we have is a decent listing of good first class players and a few average test class batsmen
Can't consistently beat top 5 teams with this no matter how good your bowling is

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Doh tell bajans that

What make Cajans in different to you in this Rumshop?
I've written about arguments at Kensington Oval, as who was the better batsman, Kanhai or Gary, I saw Rohan stopped traffic in Bridgetown, Carl Hooper being honoured, with Sir Carl.
I happened to take my three children to a cricket game in Queens Park, it was the first time my children saw young sportsman being abuse, by fans.
Cricket fans in Bim are passionate.
Most of us will support one mediocre bajan over any mediocre player, as to the Cummings, Benjamin fiasco.
Had to add that in.

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8/2/20, 12:34:59 PM 
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In reply to JamMack
Waz up Mack?
Bratwaite is too bottom handed

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8/2/20, 2:35:47 PM 
In reply to Wally-1

Hey Wally. How you doing man? Long time. John T ask for you.

To tell the truth. I stop watching these jokers. I no longer have that time to waste, but I follow the reports and highlights. I don’t like watch foolishness. Can’t believe we can’t put a better product on the field with a captain who plays to win. WRT Kraig, last time I watch him I detected a flaw in his grip. Not sure if he has adjusted, but his top hand had too much of the his back of hand facing the bowler. That could be a reason why he uses too much bottom hand. It’s because that’s the only way he can get any power with that faulty grip. If he would rotate his top hand grip clockwise (10 minutes) he would correct the bottom hand problem as his left hand would then become dominant.

Stay in touch and stay safe.

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