South Africa's Windies tour off

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8/1/20, 2:04:00 PM 
South Africa's always unlikely tour to the Caribbean is off because of the coronavirus pandemic, but their men's team expect to be "really busy" from November. And, unlike in the CPL, the country's players are expected to be involved in the IPL.

"West Indies has been postponed indefinitely," Graeme Smith, CSA's director of cricket, said during an online press conference on Saturday (August 1) about the men's series of two Tests and five T20Is scheduled from July 23 to August 16. The three ODIs and three T20Is South Africa were to have played in Sri Lanka in June have suffered the same fate.


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8/1/20, 2:32:41 PM 

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8/1/20, 2:35:00 PM 
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Now you see why Holder was "begging" England to reciprocate.

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8/1/20, 4:55:32 PM 
not suprising the caribbean does not have the resources thst england had to play cricket under bio secure conditions

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no resources absent apart from management.

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South Africa's covid-19 situation is like a raging inferno, compared to the Caribbean. If anything, the WI people and players were at greater risk of contracting covid-19 from the South African team, than the other way around. Getting to the Caribbean, however, would have required stops in many high-risk airports and countries.

Anyway, I still think RSA was not, and never, truly committed to engaging WI after WI fell by the wayside in international cricket.

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8/1/20, 10:24:12 PM 
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And seeing just what took place in England.

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8/1/20, 11:40:25 PM 
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And seeing just what took place in England.

Another cutarse would have been on the cards, but our players would be better off playing international cricket.

Perhaps some of the old guard would have broken down yet again, and some the new crop of players would have gotten a chance to develop, and perhaps even blossom.

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8/2/20, 12:13:47 AM 
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No one will be willing to play against WASTEUNDIES when all this pandemic shite ends. They are knowing the reality of WASTEUNDIES situation and more importantly its not financially viable to play against WASTEUNDIES as it draws no revenue.


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Yep, the Caribbean was far safer than RSA up to last week.
With the virus positive cases rising in several countries, it’s probably wise now to hold off on Intl tours.

Whither CPL now with these T&T cases?

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8/2/20, 6:25:39 AM 
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Well said.

I'm still sad, though.

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8/2/20, 8:16:44 AM 
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A bio secure environment is as safe as being quarantine in your bedroom. South Africa under Smith as Director of Cricket (rather unfortunate he has this position) was never keen to tour as he wanted his players in the IPL for two reasons:

1. Money for his players
2. Win brownie points with Ganguly and the BCCI.

It would have been best for Smith to state so publicly since everyone knows this, he at least would have been honest. COVID-19 is simply an excuse.

All the talk about preserving Test Cricket is just talk.

The IPL should have been cancelled. Shame on the BCCI.

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And seeing just what took place in England.

Wudn dat be all de more reason to play WI so dat dey cud move up in de Test Championship?

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