HEADLINE: Joshua Da Silva has ambitions of becoming a West Indies great

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9/4/20, 9:38:01 AM 

Trinidad and Tobago’s Joshua Da Silva harbours ambitions of becoming a cricketing great and is eager to break into the West Indies senior team and play for a very long time.

The 22-year-old wicketkeeper/batsman made his senior debut for Trinidad and Tobago in December 2018 and, so far, has made a case for future selection to the West Indies senior team.

In 16 first-class matches, Da Silva has scored 855 runs at an average of 32.88. In those matches, he has scored an unbeaten century and five fifties. It was a good enough record to have him called to the reserve squad when the West Indies travelled to England for the three-Test #Raisethebat series earlier this summer.

He was the only player to score a century in the warm-up matches as the West Indies prepared to defend the Wisden Trophy.

“That experience in England was truly amazing and probably the best experience of my cricketing career, so far,” he told Sportsmax.TV.

“To score that 100 was an amazing feeling. Even to be part of that set-up was something I could only dream of, but definitely I think I can break into the senior team very soon. I just have to keep showing the selectors that I am worthy of playing at that level and just keep scoring runs, that is the only currency there is.

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Hold ya mouth rude bwoy..Nuff ago hate yuh fi dat chat. But ambition is key but humble calf drink the most milk.

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Headlines are misleading. Sometimes deliberately so.

I had the identical reaction as you did when I saw the headline. Then I thought I better check the article before commenting.

This is what DeSilva said

“Jimmy Adams (CWI Director of Cricket) told me that last year, there is only one currency in cricket and that is runs and I am just going to try and do that to the best of my ability, so once I score runs I should be able to move up the ranks very quickly.”

Such is his thinking, that Da Silva doesn’t just want to get into the senior side. Once he gets there, he plans to be there for a long time.

I think I can be a good asset to the West Indie senior team. My goal is just to get into the team and make my debut, make a statement and be there for a long time,” he said.

But once I get in, the goal is to stay in. I don’t just want to play at that level, I want to be great at it. I want to perform and represent the West Indies for as long as I can.”

He never said he wants to be a West Indian great. He said his immediate goal is to make his debut and perform. And once he gets into the team, he wants to stay there and be great at what he does.

IMO, reasonable and appropriate goals according to HIS comments

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I agree with your conclusion after reading the article. The headline in misleading.

This kid is a very humble individual and his brother, a relative taught them at a private school in T&T.He is determined to succeed and works hard at his chosen profession.

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Being he colour 'bright' such talk would be taken out of context.
Glad he never claim the title before the fight start.
Is my yute still so i always will give him constructive criticism.

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Is my yute still so i always will give him constructive criticism.

He is the type to accept constructive criticism and learn from it .Its no problem I can assure you .


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Thats a tabloidesque headline..

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