HEADLINE: 'KKR can do without Narine' - Pietersen

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10/14/20, 8:38:18 AM 

Former England captain Kevin Pietersen believes the Kolkata Knight Riders could well afford to do without Sunil Narine, should he be suspended, as the spinner does not have the same impact as in years gone by.

The 32-years-old West Indies bowler does indeed face the threat of suspension after being reported for a suspect action during KKR’s victory over Kings XI Punjab last week.  The spinner is allowed to continue bowling, for now, but another report to the Indian Premier League (IPL) would see Narine suspended until cleared by the BCCI Suspect Bowling Action Committee.

“If I am honest, I am not so sure it (Sunil Narine absence) is a massive loss. Andre Russell is the guy you spend time talking about in team meetings. When he bowls, you are thinking about it. When he bats, you are thinking about it. It is the same when he is fielding,” Pietersen said on Star Sports.

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10/14/20, 9:22:44 AM 
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Results don’t support this big grin
Portuguese and other seeming white men are not evidence- led twisted

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KP is too busy sucking up to the Indians. He is quite possibly the worst commentator, by the way. No one gives a s*** what he has to say.

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10/14/20, 8:53:04 PM 
KP must be in a very small minority who thinks that way.

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KP is part of the the BIG 3 🇦🇺🇮🇳🇬🇧 that has plagued good bowlers from our region and Pakistan. Most batsmen are unable to be successful against them so they create a conspiracy to destroy their careers. Shillingford, Lawson, Narine, Ajmal are a few that comes to mind. The CWI NEEDS to stand tall in defense of Narine against the bullies of world cricket.

Take a look at the current IPL and there are a lot of bowlers slow and fast with the so called illegal actions. Chucking and bent elbows are evident in most of them but not being called. Narine bowls at around 98kph - 60mph how the hell could he be chucking/pelting at this speed?

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Narine bowls at around 98kph - 60mph how the hell could he be chucking/pelting at this speed?


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I agree that looking at the IPL and with no aid of slo mo,some bowlers action looks illegal.

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I agree that looking at the IPL and with no aid of slo mo, Narine's action looks illegal.

Finally, an honest Tittie! lol

But all yuh hadda say is that "he fcuking pelts". lol

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