Shai Hope correctly dropped by WI Selectors

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10/18/20, 9:46:21 AM 
Shai Hope with only a mere 26.3 test batting average after 34 matches, poor batting performances and reducing returns in his last 10 matches, WI selectors were forced to drop the talented young batsman from the test team. Our Hope will be that he utilize his time away from the test team to refocus, re-motivate and to re-energize his passions to succeed at the highest levels of cricket, whenever he returns to the test team.

I must commend the WI selectors for making this correct decision and unlike the previous administration when players are retained in the team only based on nationality and insular decisions, this group of new selectors have proven that unlike Browne and his group of crony selectors, they are not afraid to drop non-performers from the team.

The only reason why both Brathwaite and Campbell are still on the test is due to the fact that there are currently no other experienced test openers in the region. However, make no mistake, this will be their last opportunity to prove themselves in NZ. Any consistent failure and like Hope, the selectors will be forced to drop them from the test team and replace them with two new openers.

I am thinking maybe Bonner and Shayne Moseley or any other opener who takes up the mantle to perform as an opening batsman. I am happy to see the return of Bravo, Hety and Paul in the Squad, also newcomers: Jayden Seales; and Preston McSween. Based on objective tools like players’ stats then I think personally the Selectors made the best squad selection.

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10/18/20, 10:27:37 AM 
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Agreed. Hope has played to be dropped and needs to work on his cricket from when he hungered for success. He gave a sick feeling on the England tour.

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10/18/20, 10:33:26 AM 
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I think that he is humble young man but his pride and passion for success at the highest levels of cricket will propel him to make the necessary adjustments and psychologically motivated to prove to all stakeholders that he will be worthy to reclaim his position on the team. Let’s wish the young talented cricketer well in the hard work required to return.

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10/18/20, 8:08:42 PM 
Some fans think that Kieran Powell should be given another opportunity despite his past failures.

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10/18/20, 8:22:50 PM 
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Using stats, Rovman Powell and Fabian Allen are sure picks too! For all forms of cricket big grin

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10/18/20, 9:27:54 PM 
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No players are considered sure pick, WI cricket is now under new management.

big grin big grin

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10/19/20, 5:55:30 PM 
It would have made sense to have Hope in the A team

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10/19/20, 7:19:12 PM 
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Am I coming out of left field in thinking that Shai could have kept wicket and bat No7?.....Maybe it's my not expecting much from Dowich against NZ pace.

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