HEADLINE: 'Cornwall doesn't fit the profile of a Test cricketer' - Franklyn Rose

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11/20/20, 10:56:36 AM 

Former West Indies fast bowler Franklyn Rose has expressed serious concerns regarding the fitness of spinner Rahkeem Cornwall, despite admitting that the bowler has incredible talent.

The 27-year-old off-spinner was recently selected as part of a 15-man Test squad that will face New Zealand in a two-match series later this month.  

After putting in several strong performances at the regional and A-Team level, the player made his debut for the West Indies senior team against India last year.

“He has a lot of talent, but no disrespect, I have a problem with his fitness,” Rose told the Mason and Guest radio program.

“Say for example they play him in the first Test and he makes 100 runs. ‘Very well done, congratulations’ but when he goes out into the field to field, how many runs is he going to give away?” he added.

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11/20/20, 12:01:37 PM 
In reply to CaribbeanCricket.com

KAJ Roach 10 1 27 0 2.70 0 0
ST Gabriel 11 2 34 0 3.09 0 0
AS Joseph 13 2 55 1 4.23 0 0
CK Holder 11 1 58 1 5.27 0 1
RRS Cornwall 21 3 80 0 3.80 0 0
RL Chase 6 1 20 0 3.33 0 0
RA Reifer 7 0 29 1 4.14 0 0

CORNWALL - Fit or not fit? Find me an unfit bowler who can bowl 21 overs in almost a day? And he does this all the time.

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11/20/20, 12:14:04 PM 
finally someone who is a ex cricketer speaking the truth about cornwall and his fitness all these ex wi people winston benjamin and kenny benjamin and ambrose all from the same country and have coaching experience ain't doing this man no favours by staying silent and refusing to address it in interviews when asked

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11/20/20, 12:33:47 PM 
what is the definition of being fit?

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11/20/20, 12:43:13 PM 
In reply to bobby
You really believe Cornwell was successful in passing the fitness protocol?

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11/20/20, 1:13:17 PM 
In reply to openning

You belive the others passed the fitness test?

Half of the squad can't pass the fitness test.

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11/20/20, 1:19:25 PM 
Cricketers turn movie stars now. Them have to look a certain way!

How about his color? Did that pass the "looks" test too?

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11/20/20, 1:20:02 PM 
Cornwall is more than half of the squad. cool

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I was surprised at the size of Angel, the guy looks more like a truck driver than an elite athlete, said before, Cornwall will be useless in NZ, spin bowlers are not effective in spring in temperate climate and I don't have faith in Campbell.

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In reply to bobby

cornwall 23 overs 80 runs no wickets

0 wickets.

They need to start picking them young talented guyanese who are being overlooked.

west indies cricket is trash.

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In reply to CaribbeanCricket.com

"how many runs is he going to give away"

No more than Gayle did.

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11/20/20, 3:27:24 PM 
I doubt Cornwall will play in the Test matches, but Franklyn Rose asked a question that should be considered. Hopefully next F/C season some new spinners start emerging like Nedd.

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11/20/20, 3:27:40 PM 
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Well so far Cornwall has proven Rose wrong. He has took on a heavy bowling workload in every match he has played and it has not impacted his fielding.

In fact his fielding is good as or better than many of his slim team-mates.

BTW, the messenger Rose is really poor given his destructive history. Rose was fit but his attitude was rotten and he failed because of that.

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11/20/20, 4:06:17 PM 
Because Rose was flawed according to you means he can't be right on Cornwalls fitness?

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11/20/20, 4:16:40 PM 
In reply to dayne

Quick question.. you think Nedd is fit? lol

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Wat fitness level is required to bowl 25 or 30 overs off a 2 yard stroll to the wicket and field close to the wicket? De man barely covers 2 miles a day most at walking pace, while fielding and dat includes walking out to de middle at de start and close of play and during intervals

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11/20/20, 4:30:15 PM 
I wonder what psychological effect it has on other players. Does it undermines the value placed on fitness, professionalism, or disciple? Perhaps it make them think the whole unit is a joke.

What about other teams? If I went up against a team that was out of shape I would feel more confident.

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11/20/20, 4:36:45 PM 
the whole organization is a joke, what reasons can a player with a retainer contract give for not being fit?

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11/20/20, 5:07:33 PM 
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Depends on the definition of fitness

Arguably, Cornwall is no less effective in the field than Gayle has been for years.

Cornwall is actually one of the better slip fielders in the team and seeing that he’s rarely out of the slip position in the field, he doesn’t negatively impact the team when fielding

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11/20/20, 5:31:04 PM 
In reply to anthonyp

No, I do not think Nedd is fit, but he moves much faster and he is more agile than Cornwall. He is not obese yet, so he might be able to keep his weight under control. For years there have been talk that Cornwall is working with nutritionist to control his weight, everyone is still waiting for the results.

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11/20/20, 7:24:15 PM 
2 Things.Ive said before Cornwall suffers from Hypothyroidism. Unless a specific test is done for it they won't know. Secondly, he has not dropped a catch yet in slips has HE? Many a drop in slips has resulted in Tons being scored as a result, sometimes 80 plus more than when the dropped catch occurs.

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11/20/20, 7:34:28 PM 
In reply to Scar

He dropped a catch in his last Test match against England

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11/21/20, 1:09:19 AM 
Has there ever been a real analysis of how many runs either Gayle or Cornwall has "given away"? I continue to hear talk about their fitness and fielding but I cannot recall seeing either of the two misfielding or dropping catches any more than other fielders do occasionally. In fact both Gayle and Cornwall has been two of our better catchers close to the wicket. It's like people make up their minds about their usefulness in the field without any stats that shows that either Gayle or Cornwall is a liability. I'm more focused on performance, not fitness. I will call a player out for fitness only if I believe his lack of fitness affects his performance.

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11/21/20, 1:24:27 AM 
I support rose 100% on this issue..This is not at all the way a cricketer must look in 2020...it just shows lack of discipline..wicb shouldn't endorse it..

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