Brian Williams Monologue on Trump name on the vaccine

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11/22/20, 12:07:05 PM 
Anyone looking to get schooled in sarcasm, irony or satire ... check out Brian Williams going full Jonathan Swift on President Trump's COVID response, and Geraldo's praise for the Prez.

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11/22/20, 12:58:20 PM 
In reply to openning Well, I guess there would be 80 million Americans who would reject the vaccine --- but then hat would be a way of insuring that 73 million other Americans who would take the vaccine --- they would think they have a part of their great leader grafted/imbedded in them – a sacrament – take – this is my blood --- you think his followers consider him the second coming?
To think Geraldo use to be a popular MSNBC host --- his conversion is complete --- guess that’s his only way to stay relevant ----- and don’t forget he once called himself ‘Gerald Rivers’ to hide his Hispanic lineage

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