HEADLINE: NCA president claims some players are given unfair advantage

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1/8/21, 10:44:31 AM 

President of the Nevis Cricket Association, Carlisle Powell, has called for a level playing field when it comes to the selection of players for the West Indies cricket team.

According to Cricket West Indies (CWI) chief of selectors Roger Harper, the player had failed to meet the team’s fitness standards.  The senior Powell, however, insists that was not quite true as while representing the Leeward Islands Kieron had passed the Yoyo fitness test more than once.  He insists that the issue stems from the fact that the player has not being given another opportunity to prove his fitness by the regional governing body.  By comparison, he claims that Evin Lewis and Shimron Hetmeyer, who both failed the test at the same time as Powell, were quickly afforded opportunities to prove their improved fitness level.

“By the same token others who failed the fitness test at the same time, Hetmeyer and Lewis, fitness tests were arranged for them by the board.  We’re saying this is absolutely wrong there must be a level playing field for all the persons.”

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I am not srprised , this is a perpetual
modus operandi by the WICBC/CWI and its
Selectors . If You arent from the " Big
Four ", your chances are slim .

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Exactly. Which fully explains why Darren Sammy was the first West Indian ever to be appointed WI captain for longer than a single series, and in all 3 formats to boot. Guaranteed captain for 5 years in all formats, regardless of performance, or more accurately, lack thereof.

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I agree with you the CWI and Roger Harper in particular are highly inept, ruthlessly incompetent, he lacks man management skills and his ability to properly assess talent is under par to successfully perform the duties of a selector much less chairman.

I will say little of his lack of verbal communication skills and his arrogance.

With that said, I do not agree there is a big island, small island discrimination, if it appears as such, it is only an optical illusion as the main culprit is the ineptitude I cited above.

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the case of powell should be looked at more carefully because if cornwall can pass a fitness test and he can'teven field outside of slip

but this whole argument about discrimination that always comes from thewi/lew islanders regarding selection is nonsence i can't even name two players from their who could argue that they deserve a place in this side kaveem hodge hamilton are a real scrape of the barrel selections

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